Wednesday Morning Blog 7/24/2013

This past Sunday we studied and discussed Acts 4:32-37. If you missed Meeting for Worship you can listen to the message here. After discussing what it would mean to be a group of Christ followers who live this way a few people shared with me in private their take on the discussion.  As far as sharing life with each and supporting each other how the Bible instructs us to we need to share in the hard stuff of each others’ lives and not just in the good.  We also need to understand that as people who have made a decision to follow Christ living this way, after the manner of Jesus, is not an option for us, the decision to live this way has already been made.  We will experience a much greater and richer life when we practice sharing life with one another on a daily basis.

This week we are studying Acts 5:1-11, and at first glance the story of Ananias and Sapphira not giving all of the money to the church and evidently dying because of their lying and holding back from God can be very confusing.  However, as I study and prayer through this Scripture this week I am gaining some new insight that I am excited to share with you.  As you read this text perhaps God might want to reveal some of His truth to you as well.