Tuesday Afternoon Blog Post

This past Sunday we continued our study in the book of Acts by discussing Acts 1:12-26 and spending some quality time focusing on what joining “together constantly in prayer” means for us as a church. I have continue to think about our time together on Sunday morning and may even have an answer to one of the comments made about discernment, selecting people for leadership, and God’s decisions versus our own. I might even mention something this week or next during Meeting for Worship.

This week we continue our study in the book of Acts by spending some time looking at Acts 2:1-13 when the Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost. As I did my first read of this text I was initially drawn to the phrase “as the Spirit enabled them” and wonder what God might be enabling all of us to do right now or about what God might want to do through us in the future?

This summer our gathering for worship on Sunday mornings will be informal on purpose, and we may try some new ways to connect with Christ and each other. We have 5 tables placed around the back of the room for those who want to have a place to set their coffee, color a picture or play with play doh, or simply just try something different. As far as dress goes, dare I say that aspect of our meeting for worship is informal as well? Messages will be interactive, so please read the Scripture text ahead of time and come ready and willing to participate.

I always look forward to our time together!