This Week

This Sunday during our Meeting for Worship we will be considering the third point in our Mission Statement which states, “We strive to serve God and listen to his voice, through diligent prayer and worship, being faithful and committed.”  In preparation for our time together on Sunday morning please consider reading Acts 10 – 11:21, paying attention to how those in the story listened to God through prayer and worship.  As we read this passage of Scripture let’s pay attention to what God wants to teach us about following Him.

On Sunday we are going to create some space to listen to God together through prayer, music, silence, the message, and sharing.  Please come with a heart and mind prepared to participate obediently in worship.

One of the themes we will consider on Sunday morning has to do with living a listening life.  As I read the Scripture from Acts what stood out to me was how in tune with listening to God the people in the story were, and how that listening shaped their lives.  I am intrigued by this concept of living a listening life and know I need a lot more experience and practice to get to where Jesus was as a God listener, but trust and hope that all of us can get there with the help of the Holy Spirit.  I think our desire is that Homedale Friends Community Church be a place where silence is spoken!

Some questions for us to consider between now and Sunday about living a listening life:

How am I creating space to intentionally listen to Christ, allow His love to change me, and heal in the areas of brokenness in my life?

 If someone were to look at my schedule would they see that listening to Christ is a priority or that I am pursuing secondary values?

 Do I really trust that Christ is speaking to me each and every day and that I can be aware of these nudges?

 What am I doing to develop a sense of awareness to how Christ is speaking?

 How am I engaged in finding ways to listen with others and to be gathered together around Christ?

 How have I been experimenting with prayer, listening, and learning to hold things loosely as I listen to Christ?

 How is my listening to Christ affecting not only my spiritual health but also the relationships I have with others?