Sunday Morning Teaching

During our time together on Sunday mornings for the next nine weeks our messages will be based on our Vision and Mission Statements, as we continue to discuss what it means to be the church together.  Corresponding Scripture reading will be given for each Sunday during the week leading up to it.  Please join in on the discussion!


Vision Statement:

June 3 – Loving God and One Another with the Love of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement:

June 10 – We strive to have unity in essentials, grace in non-essentials,   and, in all things, love.

June 17 – We strive to serve God, our church body, and our community.

June 24 – We strive to serve God and listen to his voice, through diligent prayer and worship, being faithful and committed.

July 1 – We strive to represent God to our community and the world, being his voice, his hands, and his heart.  When we see a need, we will provide material, physical, and spiritual help.

July 8 – We strive to serve our church body by helping identify one another’s gifts and helping to put into action, our vision of what God desires each of us to do.

July 15 – We believe that everyone has spiritual gifts and a mission.   We want to help one another reach our potential in Jesus Christ and fulfill our mission in this life.

July 22 – We strive to be a safe place for others to seek help and spiritual restoration.

July 29 – We strive to be a unifying force in our families, our church, our community, and the world.  We strive to work across denominational lines and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.