Preparation for Meeting for Worship

This coming Sunday we will be discussing the 6th point in our Mission Statement: “We believe that everyone has spiritual gifts and a mission.  We want to help one another reach our potential in Jesus Christ and fulfill our mission in this life.”  To prepare for Meeting for Worship read 1 Corinthians 12.

This past Sunday we looked at discipleship, helping each other know what our spiritual gifts are, and helping each other do what God wants each of us to do with the relationship between Paul and Timothy as our guide.  This week I would encourage you to read 1 and 2 Timothy to see what God wants you to learn about discipleship and mentoring from their relationship.

Some questions for us to think about this week as we continue to think about this past Sunday’s message on the 5th point of the Mission Statement, “We strive to serve our church body by helping to identify one another’s gifts and helping to put into action, our vision of what God desires each of us to do” and prepare for our time together this coming Sunday, July 15th.

What are your talents and spiritual gifts?

How is God calling you to use your talents and gifts for Him?

Are we as individuals and as a church going to be obedient in doing what God wants each of us to do?

How can we encourage and empower each other to participate in the life of the Church?