No Audio From Sunday

We had a great time of worship on Sunday.  Music, sharing, prayer, fellowship … God was in all of it!

Unfortunately we don’t have the audio recording from the service, and my notes aren’t really in a post-able format this week.  We looked at the idea of spiritual journey and used the Apostle Peter’s life as our guide.  At the end I had my sister, Tami, share about her recent journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  There are some similarities between a spiritual journey and an actual one, and I know I am still thinking through them.

This Sunday we will start a series on “Being the Church” that will takes us through December.  We will begin looking at different aspects of “churching together,” the importance of a faith community in our lives, and some of our roles and priorities as members and attenders of a church.  I’m looking forward to studying and teaching.

Have a great week!