Monday Morning Blog Post 7/8/2013

Our Scripture text yesterday morning was Acts 3 and while we learned about Peter and John healing a crippled beggar the most significant part of our time together was when folks shared their “times of refreshing” that “come from the Lord.”

Our baptism service last night was a time of refreshing for me, and hopefully for everyone else who was able to make it. Not having been baptized by immersion into water myself, only being in attendance at a few baptisms, and coming from a faith tradition that historically focuses on the spiritual rather than the physical, I was not quite sure what to expect as the one facilitating this symbolic covenant. Not having any expectations was probably a good thing, as it made me observe and experience with an open mind and heart.

As a pastor being able to offer this opportunity to people is very humbling as they make an outward and public expression of their faith. The refreshing part was having a glimpse of the faith journey of one of the folks being baptized and her reasons for wanting to do so. I appreciate depth and thoughtfulness in an individual’s faith and it is refreshing to walk along side young people who care about their relationship with Christ and the Kingdom of God.

This coming Sunday our Scripture text is Acts 4:1-22, as we continue our study in the book of Acts and examine the early church to see what we can learn about how we are to follow Christ and be the church today. I encourage you to spend some time with this Scripture text this week in preparation for Meeting for Worship next this coming Sunday.