Monday Morning Blog (On Wednesday Night) …

Please forgive the lateness of this blog post. Due to Monday being Memorial Day I wasn’t in the office to write anything up and am just now getting around to typing out a few thoughts.

This Sunday we will continue our study in the book of Acts, by studying Acts 1:12-26.

As we study the book of Acts I am excited about how God might use this book to transform us as individuals and as a church. What does God want us to learn and how will what we learn continue to shape and form us into Christ like people?

I heard good reports from Meeting for Worship this past Sunday, and those of us who spent the weekend in McCall, Idaho at Quaker Hill Camp and Conference Center had a wonderful time at their work weekend. Personally, I helped build a post and pole fence to divide the playing field from the parking area. Other people built a patio, installed windows, fixed doors, picked up pine cones, painted, cleaned, and replaced a couple of roofs. On Sunday several of us went on a 2.5 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall, and also enjoyed a time of swimming at Zims Hot Springs until a thunder storm hit. We would like for a large contingency of Homedale people attending work weekend at Quaker Hill to be an annual tradition. Perhaps some of you can circle Memorial Day 2014 on your calendars and keep the weekend free.