Monday Morning Blog … (On Tuesday Morning)

For many of us today is day 9 in our reading from the book The Journey to Wholeness in Christ, and we are reading this week about “Listening Prayer to Hear the Healing Word.” Our Scripture text for this week is from 1 Kings 17 – 2 Kings 2. Normally I am not quick to read the Old Testament, but as I read this morning from 1 Kings I was very engaged in this story and found myself connecting with the listening life of Elijah, and his obedience to God.

Last night as I was spending time with the instructions at the end of the section for day 8, I was attempting the suggested 10 minutes of silent listening and fell asleep. Note to self, don’t try to spend “quiet time” with God when I am super tired, instead pick a time of day when I am more awake and alert. For all of us please be encouraged to spend time on a regular basis practicing the presence of God by being quiet and listening to the teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit.