Monday, March 24

My “new” goal is to post something every Monday morning so our web-site stays relevant and so my creative thoughts have an outlet.

Two new adult Sunday School classes will be starting this coming Sunday, March 30 and will be taught through the end of June.  One of the classes will focus on historical locations in the Bible using the “Drive Through History” DVD series and the other will be on spiritual disciplines using Richard Foster’s book Celebration of Discipline.

Yesterday in Meeting for Worship we used Acts 19 as our text and focused our attention on the first seven verses.  Out of this text we considered whether or not we are living in the fullness of Jesus Christ and in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.  Do we believe in Jesus or do we BELIEVE in Jesus, and does our belief inspire us to follow Christ and live our lives in obedience to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Acknowledging of course that following Christ is a journey and that we are covered by the grace and love of Christ as we grow in our understanding following Christ.