Mid-Week Post 1.1 (Luke)

We will get some more sermon audio posted on here soon, as I know many of you appreciate and use this medium when you are unable to attend on Sunday mornings, or because you live far, far away.  Know that we see sermon podcasting as a valid ministry and are going to try our best to record and post each week.

This year we are studying John 15:1-17 and I want to invite each of you to interact with this Scripture in an authentic and life giving way.  My prayer is that transformation will occur in our church and in our individual lives as we study, and reflect on these words of Jesus recorded by John.

I have some ideas for our web-page that I am going to roll out over the next couple of weeks.  If you are a frequent visitor you might see some changes, but I’m hoping and praying the changes will aid us all the more as we church together and follow Christ.  Please join in and participate as you feel led.