for Sunday, October 7

Our Scripture reading for this Sunday, October 7 is John 4:43-54, as we continue our journey through the book of John studying the life of Jesus as we strive to be like Him in 2012!

When I first read this passage of Scripture about Jesus healing the official’s son my initial thought was, “Is there enough here to make into a sermon?”  But like with other passages of Scripture the more I studied it yesterday afternoon, and prayed through it the more certain aspects of this text were revealed to me.

Themes of experiencing Jesus, faith, belief, and using our spiritual gifts began to speak to me as I studied and am excited about the message God is giving me to share on Sunday morning with all of you.  I wonder though what might God want to speak to you through this passage of Scripture.  As you read John 4:43-54 in preparation for our time together on Sunday morning, I encourage you to pray that God would teach you and reveal His truths to you as you read.  I also encourage you to think about what message God might be giving you to share with the rest of the body on Sunday morning during our time of Open Worship.

Some questions to guide your reading are:

Why did the Galileans accept Jesus this time?

Why do our times of experiencing Jesus help us stay connected to Him?

What can we learn about faith from the royal official?

What has Jesus done for us to help us believe in Him?