for Sunday, August 12

This Sunday, as we continue our exploration through the book of John, we will be discussing John 1:19-34.

There is a lot we can learn from John the Baptist about being a people who are witnesses to the truth of Christ.  As I read this Scripture I am encouraged to think about whether or not I live my life in such a way that points others to the Lamb of God, like John the Baptist did.

Together, can we be a “voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord?'”

In this Scripture I am also challenged to consider how I and we deal with change that is Spirit led and Scripture based.  Are we like the Jews from Jerusalem, who questioned John the Baptist because they thought he was crazy or are we discerning enough to recognize the Spirit moving among us?  I ask this question because it seems as though the Spirit of God is moving among us without much resistance to the changes God wants to make in us and through us. (This is a good thing by the way.)

My word of encouragement would be for all of us to be diligent in prayer and listening so we can discern Spirit led and Scripture based change happening among us.

As we prepare for Meeting for Worship on Sunday morning some questions for us to consider are:

How do we bear witness to Jesus in our lives?

Are we faithful in sharing our stories and experiences of Jesus?

How is what we read in John 1:19-34 going to change our lives and Homedale Friends Community Church?