April 3, 2014

Did I say every Monday I would write something?  It is already Thursday and I have no idea where the week has gone.  My calendar still thinks the month is March, and I have a couple of days of catching up to do, without a couple of days to do it.  But I have made some really good connections with people this week, and I was allowed to assist with some updating on the multipurpose sanctuary sound system.

I’m thinking this morning that in the craziness of life that having someone and some place to go to for rest is nice.  The someone, for those of us who follow Christ, is Jesus Himself.  We are reminded of this truth in the book of Matthew in the Bible when Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Do we need to find rest in Jesus today?

The place for rest probably is different for each of us, but my hope is that as a corporate body of believers our church building (and eventually grounds) can be a place of rest for us.  We meet here on Sunday mornings for worship and if we come tired my prayer is that we will be restored in our soul because of the prayer, music, teaching, ministry, and fellowship that takes place.  The building is open at other times during the week and my hope is that these times are restful as well.

Our Scripture for this week is Acts 21, please read before coming to worship as we continue our journey through the book of Acts.