3.29.16 ~ I Don’t Know

I’m not sure what happened to the audio recording of the message from Sunday.  The file shows the message was recorded, but no sound  was present.  I apologize for not having something to share with you today from this past Sunday.

We had good worship together, and I appreciated all of the different opportunities to celebrate and worship during Holy Week and on Resurrection Sunday. The two highlights for me were  the Good Friday service, and the half marathon I ran on Saturday.

The Good Friday service confirmed in me the need to utilize multiple senses and learning styles as we interact with God.  My oldest son helped me see this as he was first in line to experience the different stations we had set up.  As I sat and watched him I was overwhelmed with the sense of what it means to worship and connect with God.

On Saturday I ran a half marathon after months of training.  When I am planning and taking part in worship from a leadership perspective I don’t often feel like I really truly engage in worship.  Running helps me in this department as I take time to worship, pray, or interact with God while run.  Saturday was no different as ran and prayed my way through the course.  The race was just what I needed.