2.29.16 ~ “Practice, Practice, Practice”

“Practice, practice, practice” my dad use to say as we threw the baseball back and forth. Practice has a few definitions in the web dictionaries but this is the one I chose. “To do something again and again in order to get better at it.” I played catch with all who would catch. Threw a tennis ball at the side of our house, over and over again, all I could. Why does someone practice again and again? To get better silly…..This got me going!! With baseball, I got to the point where I got pretty good at that (you’ll have to believe me). But, while I have tried and tried over the last 40 years to grow deeper and deeper in my walk with Christ, I’ve just now realized, my dad had the answer all the time, “practice, practice, practice”.

So as I ponder practice, I thought, man oh man, do I have the discipline to do this?. To be diligent in my pursuit of doing this again and again. So one more time I turned to  the web dictionaries on discipline and I chose two 1) To train or develop by instruction and exercise especially self-control 2) Habits and ways of acting that are gotten through practice. Do me a favor, stop and re-read these. Now, stop everything you’re doing and think deep about this.  I’m putting these definitions on my fridge as a constant reminder.

To train and develop, that’s what we will use scripture and Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of Discipline” to do. To exercise and practice is to take action. What I hope we will do together, over and over and over…….not to get it right, but to get consistent. Not to say we can, but to say we do. Not to get something, but to receive something. A practice in the presence of our Lord and Creator. I’m EXCITED to see where this leads me and us as we journey together.

My dad was onto something as I worked at becoming a catcher behind home plate. After throwing many a baseball at me to get better, he said “practice makes perfect”. You’re right dad, not just about baseball, but about starting a passionate, intimate and deeper relationship with my Creator!!

I’m eager and expectant as I learn and practice!! Come and join me if you will! Cheers!

Oh and finally, if you want to dig deeper in each of the disciplines with me the book is “Celebration of Discipline” By Richard Foster. I encourage you get a copy and follow along.