Monday Post 2.22.16 – Guest Blogger and New Information

Good Monday morning to you!

First, some information for you.  We don’t have a sermon podcast this week because Open Worship was amazing as people were obedient in sharing what the Holy Spirit prompted them to share.  The result was “good worship” and my saving my prepared sermon for another day.

If you are on Twitter please follow us at @homedalefriends (or you can click the link in the sidebar).  We also have a Homedale Friends Community Church facebook group you can join.  The goal(s) of this site, our Twitter feed, and our facebook group is to interact with each other during the week, provide information, and have another opportunity for education, discipleship, and spiritual growth.  If you would like to help with this ministry please let me know.

Our first guest blogger is our very own Jeff Blodgett.  Jeff is a longtime member of Homedale Friends Community Church and is currently the clerk of our Elders committee.  Here is what Jeff wrote for us:

Well here I am…….the start of a journey that I have tried and failed at many times, but longed for some time now. The journey inward with my Savior. A journey of discipline and of practice. A journey that I want to share with you weekly for a few reasons. First to join me in meeting our Lord and Savior daily and encounter His mercy and grace. Second to experience His favor daily as we walk in His ways. Third, to not let my imagination and prayer ever fall short of dreaming big dreams and praying through them to bring Him glory. And for now (leaves me the right to add more as we go), fourth to hold me accountable in this journey as a brother and sister. It’s a walk down the path of spiritual discipline. Learning, understanding and practicing a deeper and dependent life with Christ. Based on the book by Richard Foster, through our church blog and twitter account, I want to weekly share from it snippets of each of the disciplines Richard writes about with ideas and challenges  of how to practice on a daily basis. Will you join me? Here goes everything.