Meeting for Worship

As a community of Christ followers we gather on Sunday mornings at 10:45 for worship.   Meeting for Worship is our largest group gathering time and is the one time during the week when we all have the opportunity to come together to worship God and to connect with each other.

During Meeting for Worship all ages are encouraged to participate and to use their gifts to minister and serve each other.  We believe corporate worship to be a participatory activity and not a time to simply be entertained.  Aspects of our time of worship on Sundays encouraging participation are singing, prayer, Open Worship, the message, fellowship, offering, and Scripture reading.

Corporate worship at Homedale Friends Community Church is focused on God, and informal and flexible in practice.  We want people to feel comfortable and welcome during our time together on Sunday morning, and this is something we practice on a regular basis.

We value Meeting for Worship on Sunday mornings as a time when we as Christ followers can come together to worship God!