For Sunday, October 21

This Sunday, October 21, as we continue studying the book of John we will be discussing John 5:16-47.  As you strive to follow Christ this week I encourage you to read this Scripture passage and pray about how God wants you to apply these words to your life this week.

As I write this I am not entirely sure of the direction God wants me to go with John 5:16-47, but there are a couple truths that I am pondering and would like for you to consider them as well.

At the end of verse 19 we read “because whatever the Father does the Son also does,” and reading verse 20 we know “the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does.” Obviously, Jesus was very in tune with His Father and here we find Him mimicking the work of God, and God showing Him how to participate in the work of His Kingdom.

As followers of Christ and as children of God, how well do we know the work of the Father so we too can join in the work of the Kingdom of God like Jesus did?

Thus far in our study of the book of John we have read several times that eternal life is given through Jesus.  We understand this life to start while we are alive and well here on earth, and to carry over into eternity after we die a physical death in this world.  How does possessing this life impact the way we live?

As we read John 5:16-47 what do we learn about Jesus?  What do we learn about His character?  What do we learn about why He ministered the way He did?  What do we learn about His relationship with God?  What do we learn that is helpful for us as we strive to be like Jesus?