About Us

Homedale Friends Community Church is a faith community of Christ followers and people who are interested in following Jesus.  We don’t have all the answers, but in the midst of our community we value seeking the truth together.

We are connected to Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church and value our Evangelical Friends heritage, but have people from many different Christian denominations represented among us, and have many people with no church or religious affiliated back ground at all.  All of us and our backgrounds, personalities, opinions, spirituality, political views, and more add to the mix at Homedale Friends Community Church and makes us a pretty colorful and flavorful bunch.

We are human.  We are flawed.  We are imperfect.  We are saved. We love and are loved.  We are sinners. We are obedient.  We are listeners. We are trying to follow Jesus the best we can.  We are focused on Jesus, or at least we try to be.  We make mistakes.  We are authentic.  We are independent.  We rely on each other.  We are traditional.  We don’t like boxes and labels.  We are conservative.  We are liberal.  We try.  We help each other.  We help others.  We are involved in our church and community.  We are busy.  We are unhurried.  We are Spirit led.  We make our own decisions.  We are Biblical.  We are worldly.  We are young. We are old.  We are hopeful.  We believe.  We doubt.  We are all ministers.  We share.  We give.  We receive.  We are healthy.  We are unhealthy. We are hopeful because of Jesus.  We are filled with grace.

We are …